Christian Reflections

I began reading this book about a week and a half ago, it was tough sledding for awhile. The first 80 pages were way over my head, had very little concept about what he was trying to say. The book contains articles on various topics, the first several topics held no interest for me.

But then Lewis and I hit a stride, I thought the final 90 pages were brilliant. The following chapters were exceedingly wonderful, ok, that might be an exaggeration, they were good.

The Funeral of a Great Myth
On Church Music
(I absolutely agree with him in this chapter, couldn’t have said it better myself. Here’s his best quote on the subject: “What I, like many other laymen, chiefly desire in church are fewer, better, and shorter hymns; especially fewer.”)
The Psalms
Petitionary Prayer

The book is worth it just for these couple of chapters. Good insights from a very analytical mind.

One thought on “Christian Reflections”

  1. For me, “better” is the operative word in the quote about Church music. But then I am a church musician, so that is what I would think.

    Anglican church music in the 1950’s was pretty staid, too, so that may be part of his problem. Then again, maybe he just didn’t care for traditional church music; some people don’t.

    My experience is that, sometimes, pastors simply don’t understand the potential or the purpose of music in worship. As far as many are concerned it is a perfunctory prelude and postlude to their weekly lecture which, of course, they received up on the mountain and have now brought down to bless the multitudes.

    Personally, I think layfolk are at least equally agrieved by the affliction of pastors who require 40 minutes to deliver a 20 minute sermon.

    Given the choice, I’d rather sing another song extolling God’s glory and Christ’s mercy, personally.

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