Be Thankful For The Mother You Have

A 69-year old woman has been arrested for trespassing on an army base during a protest.

When Syracusan Julienne Oldfield trespassed at the Army base at Fort Benning, Ga., Nov. 19, she was following the example of Jesus Christ, she says. “I do not believe in violence,” she said. “Christ came to show us there are other ways, humane ways, to deal with conflict.”

I think it’s funny when people say Jesus was a bringer of peace because that’s not at all what he said. He said he did not come to bring peace but a sword. He told his followers, after he left, to carry swords with them. He drove money changers out with a whip. He said that we will hear of wars and rumors of wars and that’s ok, there has to be wars.

The words of Christ are much more difficult to follow than blanket statements about peace. Submitting to crucifixion hardly seems to be a “humane way to deal with conflict.”

2 thoughts on “Be Thankful For The Mother You Have”

  1. As usual, you are right on. It comes from thoughtlessly latching on to one perceived notion, true or not, of who Jesus is. People get so confused about what The Prince of Peace was really doing when He came to earth. He came to bring an everlasting peace between God the Father and the rebellious brood of sinful children who run amok on earth. The terms of that peace agreement consist of total surrender on our part, by the way.

    The rest of the world, however, is doomed to squabble and scratch until Christ returns.

  2. I’m still back on the part where it says “be thankful for the mother that you have.”

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