Bring Out Your Dead

The body of a British woman was kept secretly for four months by her mother, who hoped that because their home was near to the Catholic sanctuary of Lourdes a miracle would lead to her resurrection.

Suspicions that something weird was going on came as a result of the 11-year old daughter (the grand-daughter of the woman who decided to keep the dead body of her daughter) being very withdrawn, especially around Christmas. Police investigated and found the woman dead and in her bed after having died in September.

Wow. It’s amazing what people put their kids through for the sake of weird religious beliefs. The woman who died refused medical treatment expecting a miracle. Even after death, her mother kept expecting one.

Each year, about 6 million pilgrims visit Lourdes in the hope of a miracle cure. Catholics believe the Virgin Mary appeared to a young miller’s daughter inside a cave below the town in 1858. The apparitions of Lourdes were officially recognised by the Church in January 1862. Shortly afterwards a railway was built to bring Christians to the town.

It’s also weird what religions will sanction and get their people to believe. Luckily, the Catholic Church keeps rolling on regardless of how they are destroying people.

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