Why Am I Still Questioning Questions?

Another great question asker, and one who always asked good questions, was Jesus Christ. He continually uses questions to nail people.

There is nothing greater than helping people see the truth. The problem is that people generally only listen to themselves and could really care less what anyone else says, unless it’s complimentary.

The best way to get someone to hear the truth is to get them to say the truth on their own. Jesus was a master at getting people to confront the truth and His preferred way to do so was to ask them questions.

I used to ask my father questions all the time and he would say, “I don’t know, what do you think?” He did this, I think, because he knew I probably wasn’t going to listen to his answer anyway and knew I’d do what I was gonna do anyhow.

It was annoying at times to not get an answer out of the man but he also had a point—he wanted me to think through what I was doing. Scripture is full of questions. God wants us to think through what He said and have us confront it in our minds.

God is not one big on details. He leaves people hanging with scant information. Believers, if they are paying attention, are consumed with questions. There are very few doctrines a guy can be 100% sure about. Many choices based on Scripture involve two perfectly legitimate choices.

We’re in a strait betwixt two, wondering which is better. That’s where faith and personal accountability come in. If you want to know the mind of Christ, get used to questions, they are the preferred method of communication for God.

One thought on “Why Am I Still Questioning Questions?”

  1. Your dad used to also say that people were always asking how far they could go before something was wrong – instead of how can I do something right? In other words, they wanted to push the envelope as far as possible without crossing over the line to sin – rather than staying away from the situation all together.

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