God’s Friend

Christians often get flippant with our relationship with God. I remember hearing one junior high girl claim that “Jesus was her lover.” Oh gag.

One claim I’ve often heard is that Moses and God were good friends and Moses talked to God as a friend. That’s not exactly what is said, however. This may very well be true, and I think our prayers are more on the level of conversations than monologues, but the deal with Moses has more insight.

Exodus 33:11 says “And the LORD spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend.” Who is speaking to whom as a friend? God is speaking to Moses as a friend, how cool is that?

Our desire in our relationship with God is to be considered His friend, not necessarily that we talk to Him as just a friend, He’s still the Creator of the universe after all. We can get a tad disrespectful and flippant if we view God as merely a friend.

The only way to speak to someone as a friend is if you know them and you know that they know you. God could identify with Moses because He knew that Moses understood some things about what it was like to be God.

In Exodus 32:7 God says, “Go, get down! For your people whom you brought out of the land of Egypt have corrupted themselves.” God says the people of Israel are your people Moses!

In Exodus 32:11 Moses says, “Lord, why does Your wrath burn hot against Your people whom You have brought out of the land of Egypt with great power and with a mighty hand?” Moses says, “Oh no, these are your people!”

God blames Moses for bringing the people out of Egypt and Moses blames God for doing it! They both did, they had that in common and thus, since Moses shared in God’s work, God was able to talk to Moses as a friend.

Abraham is also called “the friend of God” (James 2:23). Jesus said He laid down His life for His friends (John 15:13). In every case, God considers people His friends, it is never stated the other way around. It seems presumptuous on our part to assume God is our friend.

Reminds me of the words of Paul, “But now, after that ye have known God, or rather are known of God” (Galatians 4:9). Our intent is to be known of God, not to be self-centeredly focused on how God is our friend and our desire is to know him and that’s it.

To be considered God’s friend is very cool. Cool isn’t even the right word there, it’s beyond words. Our desire is to be known by God, to be His friend.

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