Crackin’ Up

We all sang the song in Sunday School, The foolish man built his house upon the sand and when the rains came the house went ssspppppphhhhllllllaaaaattttt.

It’s one of those passages people know so well, they fail to think about it. The truth is that what Jesus is saying there is crucial to life.

Your foundation will speak louder than your words. Seems everyone has an opinion on how everything should be done. The true test of your opinion is whether or not it works.

Storms come and your foundation is tested. Storms can crack foundations. The typical response is to either ignore the cracks in the foundation or cover them up. Throw some putty on them or paint over it.

This is done by arguing incessantly about your opinion. The louder someone protests and argues about an issue the more you know they know they are wrong.

You have to deal with your cracked foundation. Many storms have hit my life and I have seen cracks in my foundation. The key is to fix the foundation, get it centered on what the Bible says. I’ve had to do that several times and anticipate doing it more.

If your kids start to go nuts, check your foundation. If people start avoiding you, check your foundation. If your spouse can’t stand you, check your foundation. If your old nature seems to get the best of you repeatedly, check your foundation.

Your foundation speaks louder than anything that comes out of your mouth.

You can defeat me in logic, in persistence, in volume, in verbosity, in better grammar, in your ability to quote smart people, but if your foundation is cracked, I won’t hear you.

Your foundation will tell the truth. If your life is falling apart and you’re not getting the results you thought you should, check your foundation. You may be cracked up.

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