Halloween Stupidity

I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween. I always thought it was kind of dumb. As a kid I always seemed to have a knack for making money and figured if I wanted candy I could go to the store and actually buy some good stuff instead of what old people thought I should be eating.

Haunted houses never scared me because being legally blind I could never really see what was supposed to be freaking me out anyway. It all looks dark to me.

On top of that, Christians added their own weirdness to it. I had to listen to deals about the occult and all this stuff that really has nothing to do with Halloween.

Now that I’m older and much more intelligent, I fear Halloween even less. It’s all just dumb.

Here’s a story about a witch who was ordered to reimburse a client after her spell didn’t work.

Then there’s this: a physicist has done some study on the plausibility of ghosts, vampires and zombies and concluded that they are all impossible.

Instead, I’ll give you something to really be scared about.

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