One thought on “Democrats Are Pro-Antichrist”

  1. Yes! Democrats are pro-AntiChrist. They support lawlessness and encourage corruption. Aside all the beautiful things that today’s democracy and freedom principles seek to provide humanity such as liberating people from cruel, oppressive regimes, promoting peace, security, ‘the rule of law’, etc., God has revealed that He has a big problem with its liberal sides that promote principles that legalize some practices and claims that are abominable or sinful before Him for societies. These corrupt and re-shape the perceptions and values of the earth’s inhabitants and give people the moral rights and justifications to live rebellious lives to God’s dislike, but in favour of His Adversary, Satan, the Devil. Arguably, more than any thing else, democracy has eroded the values and ways of life of the people.

    Many people sanction democracy because it gives room for them to steal, lie, bribe, cheat, rob, commit adultery, fornicate, murder, advertise for hard drugs and addictive cigarettes, or whatever, which speaks volumes for Satan and his sons, who love crimes of all kinds. Thus, democracy is a Satanic System of false government, which defies the laws of The Living God, Who is The Supreme Ruler.

    Democracy nations are the most anti-Christ, unholy nations in the entire globe. Marijuana is democracy nation’s crutch and goes against the Word of Our Creator, God. Alcohol is also a crutch that goes against the Word of Our Creator, God. Democracy nations are anti-Christ dictators forcing holy nations to live sinful lifestyles. The popular culture in democracy nations is sinful lifestyles. In fact, pure democracy is evil. Now we have to turn to Theocracy. God has come down and established His Theocratic Government. The Kingdom of God is established as Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS) with Administrative and World Headquarters, 34 Ambo Street, Calabar, Nigeria. People should recognize God, His Government is Perfect and has positive solutions to problems.

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