Why Soccer Is Better Than Church

Here’s an article written to excuse a young soccer player missing church. Basically, if church were more fun this kid would like going and the parents wouldn’t feel so sorry for him.

I hate this kind of thing. There may be a few points to ponder, but for the most part, tell the kid to shut up and take him to church. When young boy sees mom and dad also think soccer is more important than church than that also teaches him church is dumb.

I don’t know why we care so much about what kids think. I mean seriously, we don’t let them vote, drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes but we’ll let them decide whether to go to church or not.

I think it’s stupid. I think parents will get the children they deserve. Yeah, I think church could be more “fun.” But it’s also important to teach little kids that some things are serious and worth our effort to endure.

Blaming the church because you’re a wimpy parent may work while you’re here, but I doubt it will before God.

One thought on “Why Soccer Is Better Than Church”

  1. Going to church was never an option in our house. We just did it. Our children accepted it as the way we lived, just as much a part of us as eating breakfast. We always ate out after church, so when they became teenagers, and might have been inclined to decide not to go to church with us, they went, because they knew there would be no lunch at home if they didn’t.

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