I Need Some Help

I need some help from anyone reading this post. I want to know, in your opinion, what ONE thing is hurting the future of Christianity the most. Here are a few options to choose from or help you think about it.

–Homosexuality and sexual perversion
–breakdown of marriage and family
–over-abundant media and entertainment
–false teachers
–poor government policy

Feel free to vote for one of those or add your own option. If you can’t or don’t want to leave your thought as a comment, feel free to e-mail me at jcweddle1 @ juno.com

Thanks, in advance, for your insight.

9 thoughts on “I Need Some Help”

  1. Hmmm…tough one. I really want to pick “breakdown of marriage and family,” but after thinking about it, I decided to spring for:

    “over-abundant media and entertainment”

    since the devil is using that to break down marriage, the family, and the church through pornography and sex, a horrible twisting of the concept of love, confusing priorities, encouraging Christians to ignore God, promoting a false worldview, etc. Christians are inundated with the world’s teachings and often receive little godly teaching. No wonder they so often think and act like the world….

    A significant chunk of the Bible is devoted to warning against loving the world, and rightly so. Christians are responsible to set their minds on things above, not on earthly things.

    That said, the Colts rock my face off. So TV and entertainment aren’t all bad.

  2. over-abundant media and entertainment:
    We put down our shield of Faith and loosen our breastplates, kick off our shoes and prop our feet up on the coffee table and stare at the altar of the media.

    T.V., games movies and computers are not bad things. Just distractions from Christ; that is the problem. I am quilty.

  3. We’ve forgotten who is God and who is the creation.
    Last verse of Judges sums it up well.

  4. False Teachers
    i.e.-the watering down of doctrine in our churches, “tolerance”, the ignoring of ALL doctrine and the Bible’s teachings because the few “basic-important” ones are held.
    If our foundations are cracked, how can we stand up against anything the world or Satan has to offer?

  5. I think poor teachers.

    I can dubunk arts and entertainment either on its own turf or on Christ’s. I have a much harder time debunking, for instance to my child, the authority of the gov’t when it does an unfortunate job of making claims as to what is Christian.

    The lack of wholly presented teaching straight from the page of the bible is the greatest hindrance to Christianity in my opinion. All the rest then become just minor irritations.

    Culturally, I think the entertainment media is messing everything up. I think a little good gov’t policy could rightfully help manage that, but that the general conservative agenda probably will not allow that to happen. Nor will the liberal agenda, nor will most reasonable people who are somewhere in between. The entertainment media will prevail culturally.

    One thing we can do is to tough it out individually trying to do whatever we do ‘from faith’, publicly and privately, using the word of God “rightly” , the way Paul explained, therby using the greatest of all weapons from God against any piddling little hindrance to Christianity. Those believers united together in one Body, are going to be utilizing the knowledge and wisdom of God as was intended by Christ, who is the ‘power’ of God. I think that’s the power we use against hindrances. Hindrances which I suppose will be multiplying instead of diminishing until the kingdom comes.

  6. An old boss of mine always said it’s not the water outside the boat that can sink it – it’s the water inside the boat. When Madonna is blaspheming, it just makes us look better. When Pat Robertson is pronouncing judgment, that’s when we look bad.

  7. It is quite likely that I do not properly understand the question as posed or, perhaps, the assertions that may lie behind the question. It is not evident to me what is meant by the “future of Christianity”, for starters.

    As I understand my Bible, the future of Christianity is unassailable. God’s plan was established before time began and it was set in motion in Genesis 3:15. Now, through the saving grace of Jesus Christ, its all over but the shoutin’. And, thanks to God and Gutenberg, we get to read all about it, including that spoiler of a last chapter by John the Revelator.

    The list of grievances you mentioned here do define some of the grim aspects of life in a fallen, broken world. The sins that lie at the root of each of those concerns do hurt people, grieving the Lord as well as contributing to His coming wrath. They highlight Man’s inability to do good, to be righteous, or, except by His grace, to even know God.

    Same as it ever was…

  8. I would say that it is the inability on the part of true Christians to discern what is valuable and to settle for less.

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