Dead Little Fish review of chapter eight

Mystery religions are the focus of this chapter. Many religions had mystery elements—secret rituals and teachings only for the initiated. For the rest of the book, he is going to prove that Christianity was a mystery religion and claimed to be so.

Christianity was devised by depressed Jews who were not living separate from non-Jews and living under Roman rule. They also wanted to assimilate other religious practices they had already picked up.

Therefore, they invented Jesus to give a sense of identity in opposition to Rome as well as include pagan practices they were all ready doing. The name of Jesus was chosen because it added up to 888 and thus contained magic powers.

He does something with the sacrament of the Wedding Chamber and that’s why “most priests of Christian denominations don’t marry.” I do not follow what he’s talking about nor has it ever been the case that “most Christian priests” do not marry.

Again, because pagan religious junk has been thrust upon Christianity does not call into question Christianity, it calls into question the morons who ruined it.

Mr. Murphy is forced to make stretches and base stuff on similarities that “probably” mean something. He assumes he knows why there are similarities and presumes to know which was the original and which was the copy.

I presume to disagree.

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