Theological Word Of Today

Today’s theological word is: Liberation Theology. Liberation Theology.

I have seen this in many places and always assumed I knew what it meant, but today I decided to look it up to find out for sure.

Liberation Theology is the view of Scripture that seeks to prove that God wants all people to eat liver. Oh wait, oops. That’s “Liveration Theology,” which is completely different.

Liberation Theology sees Christ as not only a Savior but a man who desires all oppressed people to be liberated, primarily poor people. It is primarily a Catholic concept. The founder is often seen to be Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Liberation theology also emphasizes individual self-actualization as part of God’s divine purpose for humankind. In other words, we are given life so that we may pursue it to its full potential. Therefore, obstacles or oppressions put in our path must be resisted and abolished.

Some proponents have also added basic Marxist ideas to it. Any Christian who uses the word “praxis” is probably a Liberation Theologian type. If they use the words “intentional praxis” you should just run the opposite way real fast.

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