The Christ Life

I have now progressed 60 more pages in the book that spurred my 5 part series on the sham of the victorious life. He has referred to Colossians 3:4 to tell me that my life is now Christ. Galatians 2:20 is the central verse of the book–it is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me.

To which he says, “Christ is our life.” I agree, but have you ever read about Christ’s life? I don’t see Christ’s life marked by victory, freedom, triumph, or joy. Rather, it was filled with sorrow, suffering, frustration, annoyance, anger, and arguing, with a victory here and there.

For the most part, when I read Christ’s life, I see a man who doesn’t belong and who has no real desire to belong. I see a man who is on a mission: to carry out His Father’s will, even though He didn’t enjoy it, “not my will but yours be done” He said at one point while sweating drops of blood.

I’m all for living the new life Christ gave you. I’m not all for assuming that it is some kind of joyous thing that gives you one sweet deal after another. I just don’t see that.

I have liberty to not sin and to love; I have freedom from the agony of guilt, wrath, punishment and the curse of the law; I have triumph over death; I have joy because I’ll be delivered from this present evil world, but none of this means I’ll have a life marked with “victory.”

Show me the verse that says I’ll have victory in this life and I’ll change my mind immediately.

3 thoughts on “The Christ Life”

  1. I don’t think they’ll even be able to revise the NIV enough times to come up with that one.

  2. That’s actually a very encouraging thought. If the Bible said that I would have victory all the time in this life, man, would that make me feel awful. God’s Word tells it like it is and doesn’t gloss over the crappy things we have to go through.

  3. Not only that, the Bible says that by being a believer life will be harder–division in the family, suffering persecution, thinking of others, etc. It boggles the mind how people can totally miss the clear points of Scripture. What Bible are we reading?

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