Duluth, MN

I just got back from taking the family on a short little trip to Duluth, MN. It’s about four hours from us. If you have never been to Duluth, you should go.

The main attraction is their Canal Park, which lets in huge ships into the inner harbor of Duluth for unloading and loading. This allows you to get very close to these ships in action.

This photo shows the back of my two girl’s heads as a ship comes through the canal. The Duluth harbor has been done up real nice for visitors. It is also the starting point of Minnesota’s North Shore with many cool scenic spots. Make an effort to get there sometime before the Lord returns.

3 thoughts on “Duluth, MN”

  1. If it’s really as great as you say it is, I’m sure Jesus will keep it around when He returns.

  2. Maybe that could be the part of earth you’re in charge of.
    If you’re a good enough Christian, that is.

  3. OK, maybe it’s not that great. IF you happen to be within four hours of Duluth, it would be worth the effort to get there.

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