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I’ve had several posts in the last few days about Mel Gibson’s little drinking problem. I want to make sure you know that this is not an attack on Mel, it’s an attack on the idiotic Church. I like Mel and his movies and if he wants to make more, I say “go for it.” I have nothing against him nor am I rejoicing in a downfall.

What I hope to do is point out the ridiculous nature of the Church when we act like desperate people in need of acceptance. If you remember back to early 2004, you will recall the clamoring the Church did to bask in the glory of a secular movie producer coming to “our side.”

It made me rather nauseous then and I don’t want people to forget just how dumb it is to put any man on a pedestal. If you don’t remember back that far, perhaps this will refresh your memory.

5,000 pastors gather to hear Mel Gibson–“Mr. Gibson said he showed it to one agnostic friend, “and the next day, he read all four of the Gospels.” The crowd gasped. “

You can always visit supportmelgibson.com so you can defeat with your Bible the anti-Semitic charges against The Passion.

Robert Shuller said to Gibson that “I can’t tell you how I admire, respect and applaud you. May God give you the blessing you need, where you need it most.”

Bill Hybels, “If Mr. Gibson is not a believer, I have no idea who is.”

Relax out their folks. Perhaps we can see that Mel’s time in church was for a little thing called “profit.” I don’t blame him, it worked and that’s why he’s successful in the business. He’ll give an account and so will we. Let’s be a bit more discerning next time, shall we?

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  1. I agree completely that too many people put Gibson up as some kind of wonderful Christian for producing the Passion movie. Did they completely ignore his upbringing by a Jew hating father who was way off the deep end? So Mel says he didn’t agree with his father. That’s fine, but as his drunken statements show, the influence was still there. As you say, he makes movies for profit, not as a missionary. It is God who makes all things work together for good to those who love him.

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