What Thinkest Thou?

My most recent piece of Christian junk mail was a catalog containing advertising ideas for churches. There are a series of advertising packages you can buy for upcoming sermon series’ themes. Hmm. What do you think about these? I know I’d come.

2 thoughts on “What Thinkest Thou?”

  1. I hate the cheesy promotions, but I like the way the series are presented.

    “American Idols: Chasing the American Dream?”

    That takes boldness to preach out against American ideals (even if they are unbibilical).

    The only one I don’t like is the “24” one. It’s too small to read.

  2. The 24 one said something like, “What will you do with yours?” Each idea comes with four or five sermon titles you can build a sermon around. They stop short of giving you the sermon. I think it’s interesting concept but why do we always have to copy?

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