Murderer Pastor’s Wife Update

Everyday I get stupid emails about free money from some guy in some weird country who desperately needs my help. I wonder who falls for these things?

Apparently, Mary Winkler does. It is now believed that these scam emails, called the “Nigerian scam,” were responded to by Mary. This caused huge problems for their finances and their marriage, leading to arguing, which then led to Mary shooting her pastor husband in the back with a shotgun.

2 thoughts on “Murderer Pastor’s Wife Update”

  1. That’s sad.
    We get so many of those letters at work – you know, well-known Christian organization – surely we could help a poor orphaned Nigerian princess.

  2. I kind of laugh these scams off a lot because they’re so obvious, but really they are very evil in their intent. Though Mary Winkler herself can’t exactly be excused for shooting her husband in the back….

    I’m curious why she’s pleading “not guilty.”

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