Hell’s Lullaby

Luke mentions sleep three different times and I think there is a point to be made about these times.

Luke 8:23,24–A huge storm hits the boat carrying Jesus and the disciples. The disciples are totally freaked out. Jesus is sleeping.

Luke 9:29-32–Jesus is praying and is “transfigured” and Moses and Elijah show up with Him. The three guys are shining bright and chatting. Peter, James and John are sleeping and miss most of it.

Luke 22:44-46–Jesus is sweating drops of blood while praying with an angel ministering to Him. The crowd is gathering to take Him away. The disciples are sleeping.

During the transfiguration when two dead guys come talk to Jesus and during the last moments on earth with Jesus, the disciples are sleeping. Then, when some wind comes and they get wet, the disciples are wide awake and Jesus is sleeping.

What this clearly shows us is that we are awake at the wrong times. We are worried and afraid for the wrong reasons. The Church slumbers on as people are going to hell all around us. Ah, but we wake up to fret over how we’ll pay for the church’s new air conditioner.

One thought on “Hell’s Lullaby”

  1. So true, How long will God allow His church to slumber? How long will those that have there heart set on spreading the name of Jesus have to battle with other Christians over trash? Thank you for the truth you are spreading.

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