Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark has made news recently. A team of American archaeologists has discovered something on top of a mountain in Iran that leads them to believe they have discovered Noah’s Ark. The news is now everywhere.

Let me be the first to say that “I doubt it.” If I know God like I think I do, this will turn out to be an old Bedouin racketball court. I mean seriously, since when has any huge discovery actually turned out to be legitimate?

I would love nothing more than for God to have left Noah’s Ark sitting around to end, once and for all, any doubts about the validity of Scripture. But seriously, it aint gonna happen. Not only that, if this is Noah’s Ark, people will worship it.

It reminds me of one of the stranger verses in Scripture, Jude 9, where Michael the archangel fought with the devil over the body of Moses. No one could find where Moses was buried because God knew that would not be a good idea.

So, just wait, in about a year, when the lab results come forth, you’ll hear that Bedouins used to play racketball on top of mountains on a daily basis, everyone knows that. Christians are so dumb. Just wait.

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  1. Paul Harvey even included this news on his noon hour news slot. I feel like everyone’s going to go ga-ga over this one.

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