It’s A, Uh, Little Known Fact Der. . .

Hiram, the King of Tyre sent trees to Solomon to help build the temple. This was sent by way of the sea. People who lived in Tyre were Phoenicians, some of the earliest sailors.

The reason they were sailors was that Tyre was an island. However, Alexander the Great besieged Tyre and built a bridge, or causeway, out to the island with rocks and dirt. Tyre then became a city on a peninsula. Weird.

What’s particularly weird to me is that Tyre is now on a stone bridge. Hmm, a Bridgestone Tyre even.

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  1. And, upon completion of the bridge to Tyre, Alexander proclaimed that it was a Good Year.

  2. Then there was one person who plotted to burn the bridge until the king done lop’d his head off for trying to make firestones.

  3. The people of Tyre were good workers with wood. Many of them made boats, or large tubs out of wood. People who make large wooden tubs are called “coopers.” Thus we have Cooper Tyre.

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