God’s Bad Eyes

I have often heard it said that God sees believers as blameless and holy. However, when I look at “believers,” including myself, I see a different picture. Maybe God has really bad eyes. Maybe He’s watching something else. Maybe He’s like a Cub fan who turns the game off early so he doesn’t see the bad that’s about to come.

Or maybe it’s true. Nah, couldn’t be. We’re too used to the struggle and the failure. We’re witnesses to our flesh and our rebellion. We know our thoughts. God’s messed up on this one.

Oh yeah, it’s nice to say that He sees us in Christ. But what about my sin? Doesn’t God see my sin? Christ died for something so I imagine He sees my sin. But He sees something much greater: He sees the holiness and love of Christ.

“Thus what he [God] sees in us is not so much the evil that was ours but the good that is his.” Thomas Merton has a way of saying things well. I think that is said very well. We’re the ones with the bad eyes that can’t see far enough to see our position in Christ as a reality.

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