God: Stupider Every Day

The more people learn and discover about the world around them, the more dumb God appears. Apparently, all God’s bloviating about homosexuality being so wrong is just plain stupidity. Homophobic stupidity. Who knew that God was so uncaring?

Scientists have now discovered that homosexual men are made that way because a male fetus is seen as foreign in a woman’s womb. She then attacks the male fetus with antibodies, and thus, turns said male fetus into an artsy-fartsy shemale.

I tell ya what. God should have known that long before we did, eh? Almost makes me want to rip out Romans 1 from my Bible. How could He blow such a simple explanation and ruin homosexual people’s lives with all that guilt for so long? Unreal.

This, of course, also totally explains why some women are lesbians.

One thought on “God: Stupider Every Day”

  1. Hmmm…the “natural behavior equals moral behavior” excuse could have been very helpful to me as a kid.

    I’m born as a second child,
    Genetically predisposed
    Like animals dumb and wild
    To punch ’em all in the nose.

    Poetry could have saved me a few spankings.

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