You Got To Pray Just To Make It Today

An evangelical Christian organization in the Netherlands is calling on Christians all around the world to pray for 24 hours today to thwart the Devil’s works on 6-6-06.

“We believe that the plans the enemy has for this date (June 6, 2006) will be destroyed through violent worship and praise. We are inviting the entire world to be part of this huge unity project,” it says on its website

Now, this is pure genius! Holding a prayer vigil to thwart the apocalypse! There’s about a 99.9% chance they will be able to claim victory here when nothing happens. Plus, if something does, all believers will be gone anyhow! Genius. Wish I had thought of that.

Anyway, I just went and did 50 uppercuts to my Satan punching bag as part of my violent worship, part of the “Tie-Bolzubub” exercise program. What have you done to thwart the devil today?

2 thoughts on “You Got To Pray Just To Make It Today”

  1. Numerologically, this 666 is in fact a 668. On the other end, this year is a 6 personal year as computed in numerology. That day, I started my blog. Hardly the work of the devil I don’t think.

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