6-6-06 Vigilance

I am on the alert for Satanic activity today. Ever vigilant, while not doing violent worship that is. I’m constantly looking for signs that the End is near. I found one already.

Somehow, this spider made it over to my desk. I’m assuming it was one of my kids who moved it next to my computer, but then again, my children have, on occasion, convinced me they were tools of the devil. Perhaps they are at work again.

Spiders represent evil. You see them around Halloween anyway. It can’t be good that this thing shows up next to my computer, a tool I use to spread the Word of God on a daily basis. Bad things, bad things are a brewin.

2 thoughts on “6-6-06 Vigilance”

  1. PLEEEEEEZZZE tell me that spider is fake as in rubber or under glass or something…….If not, I’m never setting foot in Wisconsin again!!!

  2. Evil is not outside of us but inside. Granted, spiders tend to die of heart attack when captured even gently, but that’s just bad karma. If anything, it shows they are not too comfortable with the lives they lead. Which would mean they have a conscience. And therefore the evil they do is not the evil they are.

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