Listen To The Money Talk

Money is the motivating factor of just about everything we do in life. Anytime there is a person getting attention for a cause, or writing a book, or singing a song, they are doing it for one main reason–money.

That’s why when Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code came out I never viewed it as a threat to my faith. The guy found a way to make money. The more controversial a thing is, seemingly the more money it will make.

Now, to combat the DaVinci Code, the Church has come out with hundreds of books, all sold for a tidy profit. Churches are also holding special studies to debunk The Code–gets people in church so they can give their money. Not only does talking about secular old-wives tales bring in the crowds, it keeps the church from having to talk about that inconvenient Gospel message.

I was sent a link by Anti-Itch reader Roger about an old friend of Dan Brown recounting how Dan Brown came up with the DaVinci Code storyline. Some interesting quotes in it, including this one.

“I remember when he was working on it. We went to lunch with an editor, with a name like Chaim Rothstein, or Izzy Stein—not exactly an Irishman. Dan started rattling off this conspiracy theory about the Church, then he got really nervous and turned to the editor, almost blushing. ‘Excuse me,’ Dan said to him. ‘You’re not Catholic, are you?’” Ted downed his beer. “That’s how much Dan Brown knows about religion.”