Blogging The Bible

David Plots, from, has begun a series blogging through the Bible.

Like many lax but well-educated Jews (and Christians), I have long assumed I knew what was in the Bible—more or less. I read parts of the Torah as a child in Hebrew school, then attended a rigorous Christian high school where I had to study the Old and New Testaments. . .

. . . All this left me with a general sense that I knew the Good Book well enough, and that it was a font of crackling stories, Jewish heroes, and moral lessons. . .

. . . My goal is pretty simple. I want to find out what happens when an ignorant person actually reads the book on which his religion is based.

One thought on “Blogging The Bible”

  1. I think, with a little luck, you won’t have an ignorant person anymore, however, with a little bad luck, you’ll then have a religious person, who will still have to find his way back out of religion and on into Christianity.

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