Is This Really How It’s Done?

Here is an article dedicated to how a church grew because it now “rocks.”

“We needed to offer something different because people were leaving to find churches where they could express more joy or celebration,” said the Rev. Roger Miller, St. Paul’s pastor. “The church is just looking for a way to speak to the culture.”

No, as always, the church is just looking for a way to make money. (I originally said that as a joke, but later in the article I see “The growth allowed the church to begin a $2.6 million renovation.” Even when I think I’m wrong I’m right.)

“Down the road, churches will have to move to contemporary worship in some form or they’ll cease to exist.” That’s what Jesus said, by their contemporary, happy music you will know them.

2 thoughts on “Is This Really How It’s Done?”

  1. “Scripture often still plays a role but in less formalized readings.”

    Well, it’s good to hear that the Bible has its own little niche in modern worship. Who knows, maybe someday it will prove useful enough to be the foundation of the church.

  2. Well said! The Church does such a good job covering up the word, almost makes you believe that the Church doesn’t believe it has any power.

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