Jesus Book #3

This book was so bad I even hesitate mentioning it by name. If I were an author I would hate to read a review that would sound like the review I would give this book. I also do not wish to give it any notoriety whatsoever.

The author completely misses the point of the life of Jesus Christ and the whole point of the Kingdom of God. There was no acknowledgment of Israel whatsoever in the fulfillment of the Kingdom. Instead, we could create the Kingdom right now, just by being busy little Christians. No need for the Messiah to even rule, we could!

The author is a preterist, hopefully his phones are being wire tapped. Revelation was a warning and promise for believers to endure tribulation just like the first century believers did. If Jesus came to earth now He wouldn’t even use the word “kingdom” as this is an outdated term.

This was a horrible, horrible book that can only lead to trouble and further misunderstanding of the ministry of Jesus Christ. Any look at the Gospels that does not ever once raise the importance of Christ’s death and resurrection will be twisted. This book was twisted.

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  1. OK, you got it out of me. The name of the book is “The Secret Message of Jesus” by Brian McLaren, the supposed spokesman for the emerging church movement.

  2. Wouldn’t want to put myself in the position of having to answer for a potential screwup like his may be in the future before Christ. (or! any self-gratifying war mongering, oh, that’s the other post)

  3. Well, I thought I’d check out other reviews on Amazon to see what some other folks thought. One guy gave it five stars and applauded the thesis behind McLaren’s conclusions:

    “What Brian suggests is that perhaps Jesus’ purpose was not to simply impart knowledge. Instead maybe Christ’s goal was to effect spiritual transformation in the lives of his hearers by inviting his hearers into an interactive relationship with himself; and maybe this goal is best achieved by means of parables and other similarly evocative forms of communicating.”

    If this is an accurate summary of McLaren’s views, then he’s an idiot. (This is coming from someone who isn’t well informed of what McLaren’s teachings are and thus doesn’t have much of an opinion about him.) Matthew 13:10-17 explains why Jesus speaks in parables–it’s because He’s hiding the truth (knowledge) from people to prevent them from understanding and undergoing “spiritual transformation.” But I imagine that offends McLaren, so he’s probably just ignoring it.

    I’m a little concerned with Christians who put an overemphasis on social justice. While social justice is important, it’s only secondary to the Great Commission. Putting more emphasis on social justice than the true gospel is a surefire way to kill the church. As Martyn Lloyd-Jones pointed out, there are plenty of secular community-service organizations out there…you don’t need the church for that. So without the gospel, people will leave the churches for organizations that are better equipped to feed the poor. Or they’ll just demand the government do it. Oh wait, that already happened.

  4. This guy is off his rocker. He is actually being passed up as the spokesman for the emerging church by Mark Driscoll, who I think has a much better handle on Scripture.

  5. Another question to raise is how you can invite someone into a relationship with you without imparting knowledge of yourself.

    Just doing good works will never deepen your relationship with God. That doesn’t even make sense. A deeper relationship with God requires that you know Him more deeply. And since knowing requires knowledge, I don’t see how McLaren can discount the importance of doctrine in Jesus’ parables.

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