The Mighty Pat

Pat Robertson said recently that he could leg-press 2,000 pounds! There is an official page on his CBN web site documenting the accomplishment. He chalks it up to his fancy protein shakes.

There is some dispute as to whether leg-pressing 2,000 pounds would be possible for a man his age in his condition. Football players can leg-press 1,300 pounds usually. Hmm. Makes you wonder. Also makes me want to buy some of his protein shakes baby! That’s what Barry Bonds used.

Pat Robertson Leg Pressing 2,000 pounds

2 thoughts on “The Mighty Pat”

  1. Maybe Pat’s math is as accurate as his theology. 4 – 50 lb weights are not 2,000 lbs.

  2. This photo is not an actual photo of Pat lifting the 2,000 pounds. However, on the website you can watch him lift 1,000. There would be no controversy if there was actual evidence that he lifted 2,000 pounds.

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