Child-Like Faith

We celebrated our son’s third birthday today. One of the events we did, after mercilessly defeating mom twice on the go-karts, was miniature golf.

On the second hole of the course you were supposed to hit the ball through a log to get to the hole. Jacob hit it through the first time. He then went back up to do it again. He couldn’t. He tried and tried, but couldn’t do it.

Never mind that you could get to the hole without hitting it through the log. The log was there. The boy was there. The ball had to go through that log. He would fall to the ground after every miss. He moped and whined and cried because the ball wouldn’t go through that log.

Never mind that there were 16 fun-filled holes left, that ball had to go through that log. It was miserable for us all. The two sisters were 14 holes ahead of us. People were looking at the falling and crying boy. We were getting further from birthday cake.

As annoying as that all was, the boy was wrapped up in the moment. To Jacob, the only things in the world that mattered were a ball, a putter, him and a log. Eternity lived right there. I ruined it by trying to push him into the future, “Look at the waterfall ahead Jacob!” to pull him away. He was content with now.

He was struggling, but that was OK. The struggle was everything. No worries about the future. Ball must go through log. This one thing I do. The faith of a child. Annoyed by time; content with now.

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  1. I figured someone would comment on the outfit. His manner of play matched his manner of dressing.

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