Creationists Lack Of Creativity

Creativity for the Believer is agonizing. Humanist philosophy seems to turn out more creative people than the Creator’s Theology. God says our best days on earth are behind us; it’ll only get better when He shows up. Before God shows up later though, pretty much everything is going to be destroyed by fire. The earth is so bad God will have to start a new one.

Man fell; we’re going down. We fall short. Technology is man’s attempt to reverse the Curse and thus seems bad. Making images of God or beasts is forbidden. There are strict rules the Believer must stick to so as not to offend others or God. The world watches. Don’t forget your testimony. Don’t mess up. Don’t make a mistake. Someone could go to hell by seeing you do that.

Freedom is necessary for creativity to thrive. Believers understand we have freedom in Christ because He died for our sins. Everything we do is tainted with sin. That means He died for everything we do. That makes us feel bad. No freedom. No creativity.

Satan lurks around every corner. He’ll defeat you. Procrastination is not just a bad habit, it can lead people to hell. Lions are in the street. Others pounce on every failure. Others pounce on every success. You can’t win. You’ll always sin. We’re fallible. We’re weak. Pressure mounts. Creativity runs.

Perhaps what the Believer thought was the Creator’s Theology is man’s theology.

The Creator’s Theology is about redemption, freedom, liberty, new birth, acceptance in the Beloved, love that covers a multitude of sin, love that casts out fear, love that endures, love that dies for us so we can live, forget what is behind, press toward the mark, lay aside the weight, take the easy yoke, put off the old, put on the new, set your mind on things above, where rust and worms cannot destroy, life that lasts forever, death is defeated, the sting is gone, the victory is won, peace that lasts, peace that passes understanding, hope sustains, grace meets every need, God made us in His image, God creates.


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  1. Oh, thank goodness, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind. I got a little creative with one of the hymns I’ll be playing this Sunday. Now I can sleep a little easier. Shwew!

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