Theological Word Of Today

Today’s Theological Word is Axiology. Axiology.

You may not have heard of this word before, and that’s OK, I never had either, at least not in a context that I remembered it anyway. It is the study of the theological constructs surrounding Paul Bunyan. How was he able to fell all those trees? What implications does this have for the Cross of Christ?

Not really, just made that up. Axiology is based on the Greek word axios, which means “worthy.” Axiology then is the study of what is worthy. In a Christian context it deals with Christian morals and ethics.

Here is my attempt to use the word in context to aid you in using it in everyday conversation.

While reading my Bible this morning my wife asked me to take the garbage out and I pondered the axiological implications of the choice before me. Would God be pleased by me being concerned with the affairs of this world over His Eternal Living Word? Or is listening to my wife and serving her axiologically superior?

Go on, use axiology in conversation today. You know you want to. It’s one of those words that makes you sound real smarter.

3 thoughts on “Theological Word Of Today”

  1. Thanks Jeff. Perfect timing. I needed this word for a homework assignment and couldn’t find it. Not that I tried very hard.

    It’s good to know I can always check here first for the answers.

  2. I’m here for ya Craig. Glad you could find it of use. For what are you doing homework for, if I may ask?

  3. You may ask…

    I am in a bachelors program at Judson College here in beautiful Elgin, IL, for Management and Leadership. Even though the program has a business emphasis, we are required to take at least one Christian/Bible class (since it is a Christian school). They do a really nice job weaving Christian ethics and biblical principles into all the courses.

    Other than feeling like God wanted me there, I’m not sure why I am in the program since I’m not really interested in business (can’t say I have much talent for it, either).

    Maybe it’s just God’s way of saying that sixteen years after high school is more than enough time to have finished my degree – although I think there’s more in the works as far as that goes. Just don’t tell Tiffany. She’s had enough of me going to school.

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