Dividing Your ABC’s

The American Baptist Churches USA (which really seems repetitious to me, could there be an American Baptist Churches Canada?) is heading for a split over the homosexual question.

Ironically enough, the dispute arises from churches in the Pacific Southwest that want the national denomination to correct national churches who are allowing liberal gay policies to exist. You know when churches in CA are correcting you, it must be pretty bad.

6 thoughts on “Dividing Your ABC’s”

  1. Could there be an American Baptist Churches Canada?

    Any Canadian will gladly inform you that you can’t just refer to the US as “America” since the word refers to the two continents, not a single country. Yes, my Canadian relatives love to be petty.

    Anyway, my favorite part of the article was the picture of the Holy Bible in the upper right that was labeled as being “Related To Story.” Might want to pass along that memo to the pro-gay-ordination crowd in the ABC. Maybe they would get it into their heads to read the darn thing.

    Nobody likes schisms, but sometimes they’re necessary.

  2. I say, welcome the homosexuals(with open handshakes), insist that they abstain from its practice, and the worst thing that will happen is you’ll be spreading the gospel. The best thing would be that you’ll probably lose quite a few of them.

  3. But I was baptized a Baptist, and they let me go to their summer camp. So there. According to my sexual orientation I could even remain an ordained Baptist minister(if I was able to be one). As a bachelor, I am unable to practice anything in the ‘area of activity in question’ at all, although that probably does not amount to a whole lot less than certain married pastor friends of mine do.

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