Salvation And Change

I read an article by Pip Coburn in the May Fast Company Magazine. In it he said, “People change habits when the pain of their current situation exceeds their perceived pain of adopting a possible solution.” My experience with buying a new computer this past week backs that up!

What does this mean in terms of the Gospel? When you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ your life takes a complete turn, you’re made a new creation in Christ and a new life ensues. In order for a person to make that shift, their current life has to be worse off than the pain of giving it up.

Giving up fun sins is tough. You may have to avoid certain people and places that were not problems before. That can be painful. Living according to the dictates of the Spirit can seem infinitely painful.

Because of the perceived pain of being a Christian, most people wait until their life hits rock bottom. Pretty much everything has to blow up before they will submit to the pain of being a believer. Ah, but some people see their current pain and the pain of Christianity seems easier!

How does change effect us who are saved? What about changing some of our theological beliefs we grew up with but never fully thought through? What about ridiculous legalism we force on others? Change is not easy but it’s necessary. Only eternity will lack change.

2 thoughts on “Salvation And Change”

  1. Yeah, that’s true. I remember giving up some zealously- and ignorantly-held theological beliefs because when I actually checked the Bible, it turned out I was wrong. I finally (and slowly) decided that I would rather give up my beliefs and the concept of God that I’d fashioned than give up the Bible and the true God it reveals.

    I imagine it won’t be the last time that happens.

  2. The worst place to be is the place where you think you know it all. Especially true of the Bible, there’s so much in there. Certainly you can know more and more but the learning never stops.

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