Russian Icons Freaking Out

Lately, religious icons in Russia have been having nervous breakdowns. An exhibit of religious art was closed when ten icons began crying resin type stuff. The workers got scared, closed the doors, called the priests to come and pray over them. The doors were then reopened.

In another town in Russia, several icons began crying “oily liquid.” No matter what they tried to do to get the oil off the statues, it just kept coming back. In yet another Russian town, a woman’s house has several icons that have been crying honey for years now.

Although many look at this as evidence that God is there and that He cares, I tend to think having statues cry all over is not that big of a deal. I have three people in my house who cry daily for hours at a time. I have also prayed over them, to no avail. Come see the Crying Children of Rhinelander. $4 at the door. It’ll make you believe.

4 thoughts on “Russian Icons Freaking Out”

  1. It’s only $4 so all you dumb religious types who don’t have any money can still get a blessing from God. I assure you, all crying is voluntary, none of it is forced.

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