No Green Jesus

A kindergarten student made an environmental poster that included Jesus. School administrators folded the poster so as not to show the Jesus figure and violate other kindergartener’s religious freedom.

The case went to court, of course, because that’s the only reason Christian parents make their children put Jesus on posters, but the case was rejected by the Supreme Court yesterday. The case was to be over whether his free speech right was violated.

The boy who did the poster is now in 6th grade, this poster was made in 1999. Nothing like drawing a thing out. As long as it’s not drawing out Jesus it should be OK.

2 thoughts on “No Green Jesus”

  1. “Antonio, now in the 6th grade, received considerable help from his mother, JoAnne, with two posters, the first of which was rejected because it did not depict any conservation efforts to save the environment.”

    Ah…seeking out strife. What could be more Christian than that?

  2. exactly. I’m sure the mother is teaching her son that this is what persecution and suffering for the faith is too.

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