Crossing The Dan

The Church of God at the Crossing of the Dan opened its doors for the first time on Saturday and Sunday of Easter weekend. The pastor who started this church used to do all manner of sin but then became a pastor and now he has started his own church. Presumably he is not continuing to do the all manner of sin anymore.

But, according to Foster, he never plans out a sermon. “I just go to the pulpit, open the Bible and say what God wants me to say,” Foster said.

Foster was not sure how many people attended those first two services, but said, “Lets put it this way … God was here, so it was a full house.”

Sounds like a keeper.

2 thoughts on “Crossing The Dan”

  1. Christianese lesson for the day:

    “I’m feeling led to…” = “I want to…”

    (At least in 99% of cases.)

  2. Being told to do something by God is called “insurance.” You can always blame Him then!

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