Theological Word Of Today

Today’s theological word is: Socinianism. Socinianism.

Socinians were followers of a guy by the name of Laelius Socinus and later his nephew, Faustus Socinus. Uncle Lae was a very skeptical creature and he doubted pretty much everything that Christians believed. He denied God’s foreknowledge, the trinity, and was not convinced that Jesus was really God. He also denied original sin and hell.

Socinian belief is outlined in their “Catechism of Racow.” Their beliefs have been largely rejected. Basically, on the issue of salvation, you have Socinians on one end, Arminians in the middle, and Calvinists on the other end of the spectrum.

You should also remember that much of this thought came out of Poland. In fact, for a time the Socinian movement was called “the Polish Brethren.” I’m just pointing that out. Not making any stereotypical comments, merely making an observation.

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