Where’s That Pastor Guy?

The pastor of the mega-church Calvary Chapel in Albuquerque, NM resigned recently and none of the church members knew why. Sounds like a job for Franklin Graham, and that’s exactly who they called in to fill the pulpit this last week. He attempted to explain what went on.

Graham told the congregation that he was on the board that hired Nelson. He also said there was a concern that the young preacher didn’t have the experience to run a mega-church. Graham said it was his idea to keep founding Pastor Skip Heitzig on as chairman in the church, allowing Nelson to handle pastoral duties. According to Graham, it was a situation that Nelson was unable to accept.

The church members are much relieved to know why he left. They will begin looking for a new pastor soon. The idea of having a pastor fulfill pastoral functions while letting another pastor be the pastor seems like a situation ripe for disagreement. Hopefully they will learn to fix that deal first.

One thought on “Where’s That Pastor Guy?”

  1. When I came back to the Lord in 2004, I found Calvary Chapel on the net and It has helped me grow. I have listend to both of these Pastors teach and I find no error. Acts 17:11 is my guide on this. This is curious to me. I will pray for all.


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