Theological Word Of Today

Today’s theological word is Pelagianism. Pelagianism.

It was decided long ago that Pelagianism was heretical, it won’t take you long to understand why. However, some Pelagian thought remains today. Pelagius was the mind behind this theological theory. No one knows too much about him except that he was a strict ascetic–disciplined himself highly.

Pelagianism is the belief that mankind can save itself by being good. Adam’s sin did not taint our nature, it merely set a bad example. Christ was not a sacrifice for us nor did He represent us on the cross. Instead, Christ merely set a good example. God’s grace is just an added bonus, the icing on the cake for good people.

Obviously this is heretical. If it were true there would only be two people good enough to be in heaven–Me and Pelagius. Be sure you thank God for his grace.

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  1. . . .and he’s not too sure about Pelagius making it. But if you don’t include him, you’d have to call it Jefagian thought and that doesn’t have quite the ring.

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