Unorthodox Orthodox Spending

Allegations of financial misconduct are rocking the Orthodox Church in America, whose former treasurer says top officials misappropriated millions of dollars in donations from agribusiness titan Dwayne Andreas, U.S. military chaplains and ordinary parishioners across the country.

According to Wheeler, in 1993 the church received a $62,838 donation from the U.S. Department of Army Chaplains to distribute Bibles in Russia, but the Bibles were never purchased. Meanwhile, “the budget was tapped for regular payments to cover Father Kondratick’s personal Platinum AMEX card in the amounts of approximately $5,000 to $12,000 per month,” Wheeler’s letter said.

These allegations and troubles will come to a head this week as the Orthodox Church gathers for their Holy Synod, which apparently now is not quite so holy. The “Not Quite as Holy as Last Year’s Holy Synod Synod.” The Orthodox Church is an offshoot of the Russian Orthodox Church which is an offshoot of the Roman Catholic Church which is an offshoot of the Original Church which is an offshoot of Jesus Christ. Ah yes, the simplicity of Christ in action.

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