Elders Sacked

CONGREGATION members at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Camberwell [Australia] have been advised to dissociate themselves from a cult-like group to which most of them belong. They were told in church yesterday that their 15 elders — members of the secretive group within the Presbyterian Church known as the Fellowship– had been sacked for failing to carry out their duties.

First of all, how cool is that to have secret groups in your denomination? Cool. But how do they know about it if its secretive, that’s my question. Almost makes me want to start a denomination just so I could have a secret group.

Second, how cool is it to sack elders? I would love to sack anything besides lunch and groceries. Which, of course, reminds me of the line “Those who were responsible for the sacking of the elders have now been sacked.” I think Americans should restore the word “sacked” to our vocabulary. It just makes you feel so medieval and knightly. I envy people who have secret groups to sack. Sigh.

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