Dead Bible Society

The Palestinian Bible Society in the Gaza Strip is receiving strong persecution from Islamic extremists, who are threatening to blow up the centre if workers don’t close up shop and abandon their ministry by the end of February, according to Cybercast News Service.

As part of the world fellowship of the United Bible Societies, the Palestinian Bible Society’s mission is to make the Bible available, in different languages and in different formats, to as many people as possible.

Several non-Christian groups in Gaza have expressed dismay over the threats and expressed their solidarity with the Christians. The neighbours, too, have tried to convince the Bible Society not to close down, said the officer.

This latest persecution is believed to stem from the cartoon controversy. I don’t understand why people would get upset about something so ridiculous like cartoons to the extent that killing is the answer. But, I guess maybe that means I have the mellowing influence of the Spirit, or it might just mean I have a sense of humor. It’s a sick world.

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  1. I can’t hear the word ‘solidarity’ without hearing some one in the background yelling about the “People’s Front of Judea”, or was it the “Judean People’s Front”?

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