Literal Body of Christ Missing

A historic and sacred piece of a church in Western North Carolina is missing. It’s being described at the most important and priceless religious artifact in Rutherford County. Wow, if Rutherford County is anything like my county, and I’m guessing it is, that’s saying quite a bit!

The item stolen was their ciborium (a “cup” for those of you who read the NIV). The cup, which is used to store the elements of communion, was gold plated and had gems on it. It is reportedly worth $50,000. Not only does the church want the costly cup back, there’s something else they are worried about.

Rebecca Melton, a church parishioner says, “What was in the ciborium, the Body of Christ, the consecrated bread, that’s what distresses me so, because we don’t know what they did with that, you can sell rocks and sell metal, but to destroy the Body of Christ, that’s been blessed in Church is just beyond comprehension to me.”

It’s beyond my comprehension too. Maybe the body of Christ was resurrected, ever think of that? An empty tomb and now an empty communion tabernacle. Could be, miracles never cease. It would be fun to read the police report on this one–“missing: one body of Christ.”

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  1. As you say and I believe: Bad doctrine (Theology) kills. Maybe now the Lord will present to them Himself in the flesh and give them living water and they can have the meat of the word.

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