With the recent success that non-tv-watching Christians had boycotting and canceling the show “Book of Daniel,” they have renewed vigor to change more programming., which is affiliated with the always vigilant American Family Association, has decided to target Desperate Housewives.

The group plans to monitor the program from April through June to identify companies that advertise during the show. will then call for a one-year boycott of one or more of the leading sponsors.

So, here’s the deal, OneMillionMoms is going to watch Desperate Housewives (for the commercials, of course) and then tell me not to watch it. Got it. Can do. Not sure how I can stop watching something I don’t watch already but I will do my best to continue to not watch it while not watching it.

Of course, they aren’t telling people not to watch it, because then they’d have to stop. They’re just telling people not to buy stuff from the sponsors of the show. I can hardly wait to hear their list of businesses to boycott. Then I can truly feel like I’m making a difference by continuing to not be buying Maybeline cosmetics.

3 thoughts on “Boycott!”

  1. Steve, you know, word gets around, people talk, you hear things … yeah, that’s the ticket.

    What I’m wondering is, aren’t we supposed to be boycotting Disney, the owner of the network that airs “Housewives?” Or did they call that off?

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