Stressed Out

An interim pastor had been appointed at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, which was rocked by a Jan. 19 shooting that prompted authorities to seek charges against the former pastor. Sheriff’s investigators requested that the district attorney’s office charge Reynolds with filing a false police report in connection with the Jan. 19 shooting.

“We will keep the services the same. We are not going to be changing the way we operate,” Lingl said. “Richard Reynolds has been placed on temporary disability leave. It’s been determined by (mental health) professionals that he is suffering from stress.”

Lingl attributed the stress to the fallout of the Episcopal Church accepting gay and lesbians, which caused some people to leave the congregation, and the district attorney’s office filing charges against parishioner Euell Ryles regarding his operation of a legal document assistance company. One of the alleged victims in the criminal complaint against Ryles is another parishioner. Ryles was banned from church activities until his legal matters are resolved.

Wow, now there’s a story. Bad doctrine can be stressful, it’s true.

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