A Southern Indiana church claims to have a door with an image of Jesus on it. They claim it looks like the image on the Shroud of Turin, which also doesn’t look like Jesus.

The church’s pastor, Charlotte Pahls, said she sees the image as a sign. “I asked, ‘Why, Lord, a door?’ And he said, ‘I am the door. If anyone knock, I will come in and sup with them,’ ” Pahls told RTV6’s Ben Morriston.

So, you’re telling me that Jesus said, “I am the door and if you knock on me, I will come in?” What? The door will come in the door? I don’t get it. Jesus should really read the Bible more often and get his parables straight. That just doesn’t make sense. Not to mention, if “anyone knocks” Jesus should say I will come in and sup with “him or her.” C’mon Jesus.

I say we get more women pastors eh? Sorry, couldn’t resist. You can report me on the religious hatred bill if you so choose.

3 thoughts on “Doorknobs”

  1. Question:
    If YOU are IN the church and Jesus is knocking to get IN, which church are you?
    And what is the Lord doing OUTSIDE the Church.

    (Hint: Revelation 3:14)


  2. You’ll have to cut Jesus some slack. He’s been running all over getting his face on everything – doors, pans, trees. With all the running around no wonder he is slipping on His stories.

    Seriously, where do you find all these stories?

  3. Jesus is the door? What the heck is that guy, errr, woman talking about?? Evidently they have 2 pastoresses at the church. That must be why Jesus showed up in their door.

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