My Guy

One of my favorite preachers is Ken Hutcherson of Antioch Bible Church. There is a link to his site on this page. Listen to some of his sermons and tell me he isn’t awesome.

It appears as if Mr. Hutcherson has gotten himself caught in a hubbub about gay-rights in Washington state law. There is a proposed law to ban discrimination based on sexual-preference for jobs. Hutcherson thinks we should have the right to choose who works for us, even if it means not hiring for sexual-preference. I would agree.

But about 30 people picketed outside the high school where Hutcherson’s church meets. I know, 30 people, who cares, but it makes the news.

“It’s hard to get around what the Bible says about the sin of homosexuality,” Hutcherson said. “We believe in an inerrant word of God. That means there’s no mistake. Biblical truth overrides culture and time.”

“We can’t be literalists when it comes to interpreting scripture,” said Corsaro, who also is co-chairwoman of the Religious Coalition for Equality. “It’s not the perfect word of God. It’s heretical to superimpose 21st-century context and values on first-century context and values.”

So, there it is, to believe the word of God or not. Too bad believing it is so inconvenient. I was disturbed to see that Mr. Hutcherson threatened a boycott of Microsoft as a solution, however. Oh well, no one is perfect.