Christian Football Picks: Week 17

Each week I pick football games based on the current state of God’s opinions on things as given by modern Christianity. We are 29-15 going into the last weekend. I will attempt to pick games with “playoff implications.”

Detroit at Pittsburgh
God has favored Pittsburgh this year in interesting match-ups demonstrating God’s approval of industrialization. Lions killed Christians and Detroit is just a pit. This one is easy.
Pittsburgh 31
Detroit 17

New York at Oakland
New York is home to the guy who got his name changed to Jesus Christ. Is this endearing to God or does it make Him upset, so upset that He would make the Giants playoff run harder?
Oakland 24
New York 21

Washington at Philadelphia
As the year draws to a close we get news shows recapping the major events of the year. Most people think our country is either the reign of antichrist or Christ Himself. Is there no middle ground? We’ll see what God’s opinion of our government is by whether He allows Washington into the playoffs.
Washington 27
Philadelphia 10

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  1. Remember- “there’s a fine line between stupid and clever” -Nigel Tufnel, Spinal Tap lead guitarist.

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