The House That God Built

New Year’s Eve is a great excuse for people to go out and get drunk, as if they needed another excuse. Instead of getting drunk, why not go to church?

Well, if church isn’t open on Christmas, why would it be on New Year’s Eve? A church in Texas thought the same thing, why go to church? So to give people a reason to, they are giving away a free house during their New Year’s Eve service.

“It encourages people to come to the service, and it helps keep people off the street with all that revelry going on,” Pastor Walter Hallam said. Once people attend the New Year’s Eve service, the hope is they’ll keep coming once they realize “church is perhaps not as bad as they remember when they were young.”

What if we thought church was better when we were young? The church has given away a car, a motorcycle and furniture in the past.

2 thoughts on “The House That God Built”

  1. I guess for that to be funny you would have to know that I don’t really care to drink. Even then I guess it’s just a dud. But do you get it?

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